The Westside Puppy Raiser Group is devoted to raising puppies for Guide Dogs of America. We receive our puppies at the tender age of 7 weeks and we commence their age appropriate training immediately.

It is our purpose to teach basic obedience to the puppies we raise per the guidelines of Guide Dogs of America.

We normally keep our puppies until they are 15 to 20 months of age. At this time they return to Guide Dogs of America for full time training. Although we all miss our puppies when they go in for training, we are proud that they have come this far and are on their way to becoming guide dogs.

As a group we meet monthly with the objective to work on training issues for our dogs and we have activities that prepare our dogs for the service work that they will eventually do as guides for the blind.

The majority of our activities focus on acclimating our dogs to public settings such as restaurant trips, a coffee shop trip as well as several opportunities to use public transportation. We ride the metrolink in Los Angeles, the Blue Bus in Santa Monica and take a boat ride in Marina Del Rey.

Here’s a great video of our recent Metrolink trip to Pasadena, California

The meetings are an opportunity to connect with other puppy raisers who can share and learn from each others experiences.