Do you know  dogs just like people enjoy having a specific spot that they can call their own. Dog crates and kennels for dogs is the same in principle as the human home where they are able to feel safe and secure.
More reguarily a dog crate can be used inside the home to contain your dog or just have a place for them to go, whilst a kennel is normally for when the dog is to be kept outdoors for long durations. With either alternative the dog recognizes that area as their home and will naturally go to it at any time they feel anxious or need to feel safe.
Dog crates and kennels are available in many different sizes and shapes these days, which means you will be guaranteed to locate one that suits the breed as well as size of your dog. When you have a puppy, be sure you take into account what size it will get prior to you buying.
For exterior Dog kennels the majority of folks  select the wire mesh or galvanized steel design since these offer the best security and also tend to be less likely to be wrecked by the dog. Be sure you find a suitable location to site your kennel and take into consideration that the dog can dig, hence the best position is a hard surface of cement or tarmac.
Additionally you need to make sure  that it’s not open to the elements, ie sun or rain, even so this can be overcome, by buying a special cover or you might just use a tarpaulin that can be attached down.
When researching for dog crates and kennels there are a number   of makes that you can choose from according to the cost you would like to pay.
Midwest are an excellent brand and they make galvanized steel crates in a plethora of sizes and are comparatively cheap to buy with prices beginning at around $20 for a modest crate.

For a bit more money try the Petmate brand. These are typically made of plastic with a steel grid for the doorway and are perfect for travelling.

For bigger dogs try the Precision pet crates. These are generally a comparable price as the Petmate but they are made from galvanized steel and have built in plastic trays.

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