Exactly how do citronella bark collars function? Like most dog collar, they fit around a dog’s neck – easily adjustable for comfort and safety. However, unlike the typical collar, these are equipped with a microphone and reservoir that holds a citronella mist. When your dog barks, the microphone hears the sound and sprays a fine citronella mist into the air. Dogs have a very keen sense of smell and pick up scents quickly and easily, the dog will smell it immediately. The citronella smell is very offensive and undesirable to dogs, causing them to stop barking upon smelling the spray. The citronella spray is totally safe and all natural, and will not harm your dog, humans, or any other plants or animal that may be around. This cause and effect action will quickly train your dog that his/her barking triggers the undesirable scented spray, thus if he/she does not bark, there will be no spray. Effective and humane training made very simple and easy.

Often found in insect repellents, citronella is all-natural and derived from a very fragrant grass found in the southern countries of Asia. Once the plant is processed, it becomes an all-natural oil with many uses, including that of the spray in the citronella bark collar. This is one of the best and most humane training devices on the market today, much more effective and humane than other such devices as a shock collar.

Wondering if citronella bark collars are effective? They are one of the most successful anti bark collars on the market today. They work equally on all sizes and breeds of dogs. Keep in mind that no device is 100%; however, the citronella bark collars are very close. These collars are to train your dog to stop unnecessary and incessantly needless barking. It is important to keep in mind that your dog may be barking because something is wrong – health-wise or for other reasons needing attention.

Citronella bark collars are a highly desirable method of training, especially over other devices such as shock collars. Instead of receiving a shock or jolt directly with each bark, as with a shock collar, your dog will be reprimanded with an all-natural and environmentally friendly spray of citronella. Yes, the current within shock collars can be adjusted, however just the thought of this method brings chills to many dog owners. It is for this reason that citronella bark collars are the perfect and the most loving way to train your dog to stop barking and cease this disrupting behavior once and for all. Revel in the time spent with your pet, instead of wasting that time in frustration and anger.