We are so proud of our wonderful pups!
Please take a look at them:
This is the greatest day for many people. For the puppy raisers, there is no happier feeling than knowing that their puppy is going to go on to guide their handler through life. For GDA, this is our purpose to see our wonderful pups go on to be guide dogs.

Kuma, black German Shepherd & Tyson, black Labrador Retriever Raised by Naomi Jost

Tyson (while puppy in training)

Jack, Chocolate Lab Raised by Glyn Judson. Graduated Oct. 24, 2010
New Handler: Laura

Puppies in training:Puppies in training range in age from 7 weeks to aprox. 20 months. These are the puppies that are out and about with their puppy raisers learning to feel comfortable in many different environments.

Dee Dee:



After puppies have been raised by their puppy raisers, they go in for training at the GDA facility. This is where they learn the “real stuff” that makes them guide dogs. They will spend 6 months with licensed trainers learning how to work in harness and be guides for the potential handlers. During this time puppy raisers cannot visit their puppies, but the do receive updates on their puppy’s progress.
October 30, 2010 In for Training Class:
In-for-training pups:

January 20, 2011 n for Training Class:

Released from the program (but still wonderful!):
Not every puppy will become a guide dog. All puppies must have 100% perfect health. Also, although a puppy may be trainable, the puppy has to also have the inclination to do the work. I think it is a bit like running, we all know how, but not everyone has the motivation to get up and do it each morning. Guides are the same way. They need to love their work.
Kaden (released from training)

Keith (released from training)

Echo (released from training)

Frank (released from training)

Philip (released from training)

Frank and Harry

Max & Philip